Services for Families

Even with the best-laid plans, is still a shock. Contemplating one’s death is unfathomable and the death of a loved one is even worst.

The more we talk about death, and invite it in to sit at the table, the less power it has. It will be painful, but at least we can come up with a plane so your loved ones will know they are honoring and celebrating you.

The best time to have the conversation about death is now, when everyone can be a part of the process.

Beyond the emotional aspects of dying, there is the abstruse, bureaucratic side of death that one has to deal with infrequently (ideally) that makes the process difficult to grasp. Even for a seasoned professional like myself, finding the right information readily available can be a challenge.

I have helped over 15,000 families in my time in the funeral industry. Let me use my decade of experience to help you and your family set up your future funeral arrangements.

I offer guidance in pre-need planning, especially for those who might not fit with the traditional funeral model. Let’s create and craft the services that will truly fit how you want to celebrate your life.

Let me navigate the funeral industry for you so you don’t have to. I am the funeral director who will work for you.

Schedule a 30 min consultation so we can start to create the ultimate expression of life and love.